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After spending years writing about investing and technology, managing money for clients around the globe, and educating people new to the world of investing, I decided an independent newsletter was the best way to create and engage with a community.

What’s It About?

The newsletter focuses on the latest technology and finance-related news. I publish more in-depth articles relating to a specific topic once or twice a month.

I focus on the bigger stories of the week but try to find room for a broad range of topics - the newsletter contains news about everything from NFTs to real estate.

I also publish long-form articles or guest posts regularly but don’t send them out via email - I don’t want to spam you 😅

When Is It Released?

The newsletter is released every Monday at 8 am GMT.

Other articles are published on the blog Thursday at 8 am GMT.

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If you’re interested in what’s happening in the world of technology and finance, then this is the newsletter for you!

The newsletter is always a work in progress, and I plan to add new features throughout 2023 😀

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Harry Harrison

◼ Extensive experience investing in technology. I manage over $1 million for clients around the world and have 4 years of experience writing about tech and business for a range of publications.